The SuccessCare Program
The SuccessCare Program

Mom and dad won't talk
If I were having a conversation with the next generation member, a question I would want to ask is this: What did you and your parents agree to when you took the job?

Getting started with family governance
Family governance is a process or structure to educate and facilitate communication between family members.

15 lessons family councils wish they knew before they started
Whether you are just starting a Family Council or have had one for years, much can be gained by considering the lessons others have learned in making their Family Councils work.

Additional Tools and Services

Specialized Consulting

We can also provide you with direct support on your client engagements while you maintain the client relationship.

There may be occasions when you are just too close to an issue and need an objective voice.  Or perhaps you need some help in holding those difficult conversations with your clients. Our SuccessCare coaches can either facilitate or project manage for you or play a role in the team approach.

The following are just some examples of the many specialized consulting services available through The SuccessCare® Program.

  • Succession Planning
  • Personal Development, Leadership Training and Coaching
  • The Conflict Management Process
  • The Family Communication Program - The Shareholders' Annual Meeting Process
  • Financing - The Controlled Auction Process
If you need help to determine the role of the outside facilitator, feel free to contact us.  We will provide just the services you need while promoting you as the Most Trusted Advisor.

For more information contact:

In CanadaIn USA
Grant Robinson@ (519) 780-2011 orDaphne McGuffin (800) 598-6400 or


As a graduate of the Most Trusted Advisor Program you have the opportunity to order our tools as pre-printed sheets for easy completion when consulting with your family business clients.  These notepads are available at a cost of $15 each (50 sheets per pad) and are either branded as SuccessCare® or can be customized for your own organization and "Powered by The SuccessCare® Program."

Each order of customized notepads is subject to multiples of 100 notepads in at least 3 styles.

Sample order:

 100 X 3-Circle toolpads

 100 X Positive Conflict Model toolpads

 100 X SuccessChartTM toolpads

Printed, notecards, calendars

We have produced a series of pictures and note cards depicting a variety of family business issues. These prints are designed to be hung in the offices of family business consultants to open up discussion with clients around family business transition. They can be framed and hung, or mounted as wall plaques. View the designs available. They are also offered as greeting cards personalized for your business or organization.  Cards can be ordered through our online store.  Please note that the minimum online order is 30 cards of your choice.

Our calendars are branded for your organization and make a perfect year-end giveaway for your clients.  They can also be used as a marketing tool to interest prospective clients. Each calendar contain 12 of the messages that are available in our note cards.

Defining Values Cards

The Defining Values card sort is a simple way to help your business family identify those principles and values they feel are most critical to their well-being. Users then compare their key values to those with whom they work or live to determine their common interest order a set for each participant.

Order Defining Values cards

Road Signs

Looking for a way to ensure everyone participates in meetings and the strongest voice doesn't monopolize the conversation? These roadsigns can be used for both discussion purposes and decision-making. Like their real life counterparts, green means go, red means stop and yellow means information or caution. Use them for both your internal meetings and your clients' family meetings.

Road signs can be ordered online.

SuccessChart Multimedia CD

The SuccessChart is a simple but powerful tool that addresses the one concern we hear most often from advisors - how can I get my clients to understand the need to plan ahead for the eventual transition of their business.

This multimedia CD was created to show you the steps to identifying what is important to your clients and how they can be successful at transitioning their business -- a major step in building a legacy for their family.

The SuccessChart CD can be ordered

To discuss your need for alternate marketing materials, or for more information on all our services and products, please contact Daphne McGuffin at (519) 780-2002.

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