The SuccessCare Program
The SuccessCare Program

Mom and dad won't talk
If I were having a conversation with the next generation member, a question I would want to ask is this: What did you and your parents agree to when you took the job?

Getting started with family governance
Family governance is a process or structure to educate and facilitate communication between family members.

15 lessons family councils wish they knew before they started
Whether you are just starting a Family Council or have had one for years, much can be gained by considering the lessons others have learned in making their Family Councils work.

Families torn over land's future

What will happen to the farm?

States such as Iowa may see as much as 50 percent of their land change hands in the next 10 to 15 years as aging farmers turn over their property to heirs or buyers. This seismic shift poses the potential for gut-wrenching change for families, communities and farm states.

To read the full article written by Carol Hunter click here.

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