The SuccessCare Program
The SuccessCare Program

Mom and dad won't talk
If I were having a conversation with the next generation member, a question I would want to ask is this: What did you and your parents agree to when you took the job?

Getting started with family governance
Family governance is a process or structure to educate and facilitate communication between family members.

15 lessons family councils wish they knew before they started
Whether you are just starting a Family Council or have had one for years, much can be gained by considering the lessons others have learned in making their Family Councils work.

The Management Circle


The Management Circle symbolizes the building and continuation of a competitive and profitable business that creates wealth and equity for the family and the business owners. Strategies that incorporate business planning, tax planning and compliance, leadership development, good governance, organizational planning, research and development and assurance services are critical to the ongoing success of the operation.

The objective of the management circle is to ensure that you are working on the business as well as in the business.

The focus of this area is to build and maintain a healthy business. It's exactly like the story of the goose that lays the golden eggs. It's vital that the goose stays in peak condition and doesn't burn itself out by laying too many eggs!

The business must be able to respond to the competitive pressures within which it operates. Without a definite plan to guide them, most businesses will not reach their full potential.

At the same time, this circle is about people and the roles they play. While a founder's identity is invariably entwined with the business, this is not always the case with the second or third generation. Their identitiy is often obscured by the business. Family members involved in the business need to be put in a position where they can excel. This does not necessarily mean they play a leadership role.

Management Services

As with the other areas, Management issues should be addressed in a different forum from the Family and Ownership issues. The focus of the Management area is to oversee the short-term goals of the business - the day-to-day stuff.

We strongly recommend a Board of Directors or Advisory Board to provide structure for the operational side of the business. Add to that, a management team to implement the business strategies and oversee the day-to-day operations of the business, and you have a valuable process to build a competent thriving company.

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Board of Directors/Outside Advisory Board

A Board of Directors is extremely valuable to providing structure for the operational side of the business.

Management Team Meetings

A strong management team is important to the wealth engine. They are the people who keep the engine lubricated and running at optimum levels.

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The 3-Circle Overlap

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