The SuccessCare Program
The SuccessCare Program

Mom and dad won't talk
If I were having a conversation with the next generation member, a question I would want to ask is this: What did you and your parents agree to when you took the job?

Getting started with family governance
Family governance is a process or structure to educate and facilitate communication between family members.

15 lessons family councils wish they knew before they started
Whether you are just starting a Family Council or have had one for years, much can be gained by considering the lessons others have learned in making their Family Councils work.

What is The SuccessCare® Program?

Whatever the desired outcome for your business; reaching it is to have succeeded. Just as the words succeed and succession both originated from the Latin word succedere, they both portray the notion of "turning out well." To be successful in business means to have created something that has worked and can continue. So to ensure that your business will succeed, you want to create a business that has the ability to survive after your leadership.

The SuccessCare®Program provides education, training and coaching to families in business together and the professionals who advise them.

Our objective is to enable choice around how and when the business owner exits and who will take over the leadership and ownership of that business.

Our process is designed to assist entrepreneurs in determining the future direction of their family business and identifying and addressing the roadblocks along the way. The goal is to increase and protect the business value to enable a voluntary 'sale' to a family member or someone outside the family.

We have an affiliated advisor in your area who can help you create that choice and realize a greater tangible and intangible return on the investment you have made over many years as entrepreneur and business owner.  

Review our Integrated Transition Plan or read on to review our approach.

Family businesses are unique in that most business decisions ultimately affect the family members and their relationships. Within The SuccessCare®Program, we examine the relationships between the family, the ownership, and the management areas of a family business, and then separate the issues so that they can be dealt with effectively.


The Family/Personal Circle

This circle represents the emotional capital of the family business. A successful family business must have strong communication channels and deal with areas of conflict and emotions.

The objective is to help build a strong family unit. Our process sets out the rules of participation and specifically defines the context for fair and equal treatment of all family members.

The Ownership Circle

The Ownership Circle considers the management of wealth within the family business.

Owners must include contingency and continuity plans, using such tactics as tax planning, estate planning and personal financial planning, to ensure an equitable balance that is fair to both the family and the business.

The Management Circle

The Management Circle symbolizes the building and continuation of a competitive and profitable business that creates wealth and equity for the family and the business owners.

The 3-Circle Overlap

Problems arise because all matters pertaining to the business get mixed up in the overlapping areas. It is in these overlaps areas that confusion reigns.

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